Here are some pages for my community choir singing what i live to think of as alternative choir arrangementsmainly original arrangements of favourite songs (some original compositions too). The repertoire consits of about 60 songs including Beach Boys, folk song, Sacred Harp, Doo-Wop, Velvet Underground, Serge Gainsbourg amongst many others.

The choir began in Jan 2000 in Bristol and has since moved with me to Paris.

We are generally between 5 - 25 members. Most arrangements are written but it is not neccesary to read music to join. There is no audition and all are welcome .
We perform regularly mostly within events organized by The Greatness Of The Magnificence or to do with The MorningStarSmallOrchestra.

To download arrangements or to hear us sing click on music


We meet weekly on Wednesdays at 7.30 pm near my house in the 10eme arrondisment.
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or telephone +33 1 40 34 00 81
open your mouth when you sing, let it all out, wide enough for great birds to come and peck out your tonsils for they will unless you do anyway. sing headed proud prone over one shoulder sometimes. beyond parody, invincible because then you will be. we the fading away must be sung again into existence and its the boldest most beautiful singers who are chosen and that means you. anything less than an avalanche is not passion anything greater than the breath of the dead isnt sensitivity and let those poles mark your boundaries. onward onward break the sunbeam smudge the snow.  

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